Posted on Apr 9, 2019

Home Inspections Bend

Prepare Yourself with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection
Home Inspections Bend offer pre-listing inspections, home inspections, and even radon inspections to customers in the Bend area and surrounding counties. There are lots of reasons to have a pre-listing inspection before you put your home on the market, or even once your home is on the market. Many sellers become worried something will be discovered that will stop a sale from going ahead, so they don’t bother having one. However, a pre-listing inspection can often be the smartest thing to do when selling a property.
Benefits of Pre-Listing Home Inspections
You’ll find out the true condition of your property
You’ll be able to price your home far more accurately
Rid yourself of anxiety regarding the sale process
Make repairs if you need to
Less likely to be haggled down from your asking price
Improve a buyer’s confidence
When you have a pre-listing inspection, you’ll be prepared for anything that the buyer might try to throw your way to haggle you down. You may even wish to carry out repairs to receive a higher offer from them. Just bear in mind that you may have to disclose any issues found in line with disclosure laws, and the the property will still need to go through the buyer’s inspection.

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